Complaint Policy


  • Complaint policy

This procedure applies to complaints about the policies, and any action of the ALKEJ's editorial staff. We welcome complaints as they provide a chance for improvement.

  • Complaint: Each author can complaints about policies, procedures, or actions of the journal’s editorial staff. The complaints can be about:


  1. Plagiarism issues
  2. Research results misappropriation
  3. Research standards violations
  4. Undisclosed conflicts of interest
  5. Reviewer bias or competitive harmful acts by reviewers
  6. Very long review process
  7. Unfair comments


  • Journal Policy for Dealing with Complaints

Once the editorial office received a complaint, it will move to daily duties. Then, editors start an investigation process that may take up to 14 working days. Then, a meeting will hold about the complaints and the proper will be taken and send the decision to the complainant by Email.


  • How to make and send a Complaint

The complainant must send an email with full description and reasonable evidences to [email protected]. And all complaints will be acknowledged (within two working days by email).