Fabrication,Falsification & Plagiarism

ALKEJ applies some rules to deal with any type of allegations of misconduct data   (plagiarism, falsification/fabrication of data, etc).

Data fabrication: This concerns with making up the results of research.

Data falsification: this concerns with manipulating research data like manipulating images, removing or inserting data points, etc.

Plagiarism: this concerns with presents the work of others without any Acknowledgment or cites the original works

The journal policy steps that dealing with allegations of misconduct data are:

1- The Reviewer informs editor board about his suspicion of fabricated data in the research and send an evidence to approve his claim

2- Politely, inform the author about this and ask him to explain

3- If the author gives an acceptable interpretation, then editor apologies to the author, and inform reviewer(s) about the author's explanation and proceed with the peer-review process.

4- If the author gives unsatisfactory answer then the editor informs author’s institution(s) to make an investigation.

5- If the author’s institution(s) find the author is guilty then the research will be rejected, otherwise the peer-review process will continue.