Studying the effect of Different wt % AL2O3 Nanoparticles of 2024Al Alloy / AL2O3 Composites on Mechanical Properties

  • Al-Alkawi Hussain Jasim Mohammed Department of Electromechanical Engineering / University of Technology /Baghdad
  • Abthal Abd Al- Rasiaq Department of Mechanical Engineering / University of Technology /Baghdad
  • Mamoon A. A. Al- Jaafari Department of Mechanical Engineering / University of Al-Mustansiriya / Baghdad



The nanocompsite of alumina (Al2O3) produced a number of beneficial effects in alloys. There is increasing in resistance of materials to surface related failures , such as the mechanical properties , fatigue and stress corrosion cracking .The experimental results observed that the adding of reinforced  nanomaterials  type Al2O3  enhanced the   HB hardness, UTS, 0.2 YS and ductility of 2014 Al/Al2O3 nano composites . the analysis of experiments, indicated that The maximum enhancement was observed at 0.4 wt.% Al2O3. The ultimate improvement percentage were 15.78% HB hardness, 18.1% (UTS), 12.86% (0.2 YS) and 25.71% ductility. These enhancements in the above properties maybe to high dislocation density resulting in good bounding between Al2O3 and metal matrix.



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