Pre-Processing and Surface Reconstruction of Points Cloud Based on Chord Angle Algorithm Technique

  • Ali M. Albdairy University of technology/Iraq Baghdad
  • Ahmed A. A. Al-Duroobi Department of Prosthetics and Orthotics Engineering / Al-Nahrain University/ Baghdad / Iraq.
  • Maan A. Tawfiq Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy/ University of Technology/ Baghdad / Iraq.



Although the rapid development in reverse engineering techniques, 3D laser scanners can be considered the modern technology used to digitize the 3D objects, but some troubles may be associate this process due to the environmental noises and limitation of the used scanners. So, in the present paper a data pre-processing algorithm has been proposed to obtain the necessary geometric features and mathematical representation of scanned object from its point cloud which obtained using 3D laser scanner (Matter and Form) through isolating the noised points. The proposed algorithm based on continuous calculations of chord angle between each adjacent pair of points in point cloud. A MATLAB program has been built to perform the proposed algorithm which implemented using a suggested case studies with cylinder and dome shape. The resulted point cloud from application the proposed algorithm and result of surface fitting for the case studies has been proved the proficiency of the proposed chord angle algorithm in pre-processing of data points and clean the point cloud, where the percent of data which was ignored as noisy data points according to proposed chord angle algorithm was arrived to (81.52%) and (75.01%)of total number of data points in point cloud for first and second case study respectively.


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Albdairy, A., Al-Duroobi, A., & Tawfiq, M. (2020). Pre-Processing and Surface Reconstruction of Points Cloud Based on Chord Angle Algorithm Technique. Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal, 16(3), 34-42.