Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance of a Mobile Robot based on GWO Algorithm


  • Tahseen Fadhil Abbas Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy/ University of Technology/ Baghdad/ Iraq
  • Alaa Hassan Shabeeb Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy, University of Technology, Baghdad



planning is among the most significant in the field of robotics research.  As it is linked to finding a safe and efficient route in a cluttered environment for wheeled mobile robots and is considered a significant prerequisite for any such mobile robot project to be a success. This paper proposes the optimal path planning of the wheeled mobile robot with collision avoidance by using an algorithm called grey wolf optimization (GWO) as a method for finding the shortest and safe. The research goals in this study for identify the best path while taking into account the effect of the number of obstacles and design parameters on performance for the algorithm to find the best path. The simulations are run in the MATLAB environment to test the performance of the proposed algorithm. Simulations results showed that the proposed path planning algorithm effective performance by finding the shortest and free-collision path in different collide environments. Furthermore, the superiority of the proposed algorithm was proved through comparisons with other famous path planning algorithms with different static environments.



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