Energy Consumption Analyzing in Single hop Transmission and Multi-hop Transmission for using Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Ekhlas K. Hamza Department of Control and Systems Engineering / University of Technology/ Baghdad
  • Heba H. Alhayani Department of Control and Systems Engineering / University of Technology/ Baghdad


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are emerging in various application like military, area monitoring, health monitoring, industry monitoring and many more. The challenges of the successful WSN application are the energy consumption problem. since the small, portable batteries integrated into the sensor chips cannot be re-charged easily from an economical point of view. This work focusses on prolonging the network lifetime of WSNs by reducing and balancing energy consumption during routing process from hop number point of view. In this paper, performance simulation was done between two types of protocols LEACH that uses single hop path and MODLEACH that uses multi hop path by using Intel Care i3 CPU (2.13GHz) laptop with MATLAB (R2014a). The simulation results showed how the multi-hop protocol was more energy efficient than single hop protocol.


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