Microcontroller-Based Function Generator

  • Riyadh A. H. AL-Helali Electrical Engineering AL-Mustansiriyah University
  • Ismail A. Mohammed Electrical Engineering Baghdad University
  • Ammar I. Abdullah Computer Electrical Ministry of Work & Social Insurance


This paper describes a microcontroller-based function generator system. By the function generator sine wave, square wave, quasi-square wave, saw-tooth and triangular waveforms are generated over a wide frequency range according to user requirements. By utilizing processing capabilities of the microcontroller the hardware is minimized exceedingly. The output waveform shapes are digitally-controlled to achieve the required wave shape. The single chip microcomputer of waveform generation equipment offers the possibility of improvements in manufacture reliability, maintenance and servicing and increased control flexibility. The system is built and tested. The results of test were satisfactory and appreciated by test engineers at different centers of ministry of communications. 


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