Impact Energy of 100Cr6 under low different velocities

  • Hussain. J. Al-Alkawi Electromechanical Eng. Dept. University of Technology
  • Khansaa D. Al- Shamari Electromechanical Eng. Dept University of Technology


This study has been undertaken to postulate the mechanism of impact test at low velocities. Thin-walled tubes of 100Cr6 were deformed under axial compression. In the present work there are seven velocities (4.429,4.652,5.240,5.600,5.942,6.264, 6.569) m\sec were applied to show how they effect the load, change in length, also the kinetic energy. However, the comparison between the obtained results and the other studies (Alexandar[3] , Abramowicz[4], Ayad[5]) was made the present work and Ayad data show good agreement. Load, change in length, kinetic energy were determined to understand the impact test.


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