• Hadeel Kassim Al-Jobouri Medical Engineering Department/ College of Engineering/ Al-Nahrain University
  • Nasser N. Khamiss Al-Ani Medical Engineering Department/ College of Engineering/ Al-Nahrain University


This paper deals with the design and implementation of an ECG system. The proposed system gives a new concept of ECG signal manipulation, storing, and editing. It consists mainly of hardware circuits and the related software. The hardware includes the circuits of ECG signals capturing, and system interfaces. The software is written using Visual Basic languages, to perform the task of identification of the ECG signal. The main advantage of the system is to provide a reported ECG recording on a personal computer, so that it can be stored and processed at any time as required. This system was tested for different ECG signals, some of them are abnormal and the other is normal, and the results show that the system has a good quality of diagnosis identification.


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