Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Milling Process of (4032) Al-Alloy using Taguchi-Based Grey Relational Analysis

  • Sami Abbas Hammood Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy/ University of Technology/ Baghdad/ Iraq


The objective of this work is to study the influence of end milling cutting process parameters, tool material and geometry on multi-response outputs for 4032 Al-alloy. This can be done by proposing an approach that combines Taguchi method with grey relational analysis. Three cutting parameters have been selected (spindle speed, feed rate and cut depth) with three levels for each parameter. Three tools with different materials and geometry have been also used to design the experimental tests and runs based on matrix L9. The end milling process with several output characteristics is solved using a grey relational analysis. The results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed that the major influencing parameters on multi-objective response were spindle speed and cutting tool with contribution percentage (52.75%, 24%), respectively. In addition, the optimum combination of end milling process parameters was then validated by performing confirmation tests to determine the improvement in multi-response outputs. The confirmation tests obtained a minimum (surface roughness and micro-hardness) and maximum metal removal rate with grey relational grade of 0.784 and improvement percentage of 2.3%.


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