Buckling and Pre Stressed Dynamics Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate with Different Boundary Conditions

  • Widad I. Majeed Department of Mechanical Engineering/ University of Baghdad
  • Zainab Abdul Kareem Abed Department of Mechanical Engineering/ University of Baghdad
Keywords: Buckling load, different boundary conditions, composite laminated plate, Free vibration, Rayleigh-Ritz method.


Critical buckling and natural frequencies behavior of laminated composite thin plates subjected to in-plane uniform load is obtained using classical laminated plate theory (CLPT). Analytical investigation is presented using Ritz- method for eigenvalue problems of buckling load solutions for laminated symmetric and anti-symmetric, angle and cross ply composite plate with different elastic supports along its edges. Equation of motion of the plate was derived using principle of virtual work and solved using modified Fourier displacement function that satisfies general edge conditions. Various numerical investigation were studied to exhibit a convergence and accuracy of the present solution for considering some design parameters such as edge conditions, aspect ratio, lamination angle, thickness ratio, orthotropic ratio, the results obtained gives good agreement with those published by other researchers.



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