Biomechanical Concept Design of Artificial Human Hand

  • Sadiq Jafer Abbass Department of medical engineering/ University of Al-Nahrain


This work is focused on the design parameters and activity of artificial human finger for seven grips. At first, obtained the ideal kinematics of human fingers motion by analyzing the grips video which were recorded using a single digital camera recorder fitted on a tripod in sagital plane while the hand is moving. Special motion analysis software (Dartfish) the finger joint angles were studied using the video recording. Then the seven grips were modeled using static torque analysis, which calculates the amount of torque applied on the fingers joint grip depending on the results of the kinematic analysis. The last step of the work was to design the actuator (Muscle Wire) of artificial finger for the seven grips in a simple design approach for artificial finger actuated by (Muscle Wire).


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