Modified Elman Neural-PID Controller Design for DC-DC Buck Converter System Based on Dolphin Echolocation Optimization

  • Khulood E. Dagher Al-Khwarizmi Collage of Engineering /University of Baghdad/ Baghdad/ Iraq
Keywords: Buck Converter, Dolphin Echolocation, Modified Elman Neural PID Controller, On-Line-Tuning Optimization.


This paper describes a new proposed structure of the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller based on modified Elman neural network for the DC-DC buck converter system which is used in battery operation of the portable devices. The Dolphin Echolocation Optimization (DEO) algorithm is considered as a perfect on-line tuning technique therefore, it was used for tuning and obtaining the parameters of the modified Elman neural-PID controller to avoid the local minimum problem during learning the proposed controller. Simulation results show that the best weight parameters of the proposed controller, which are taken from the DEO, lead to find the best action and unsaturated state that will stabilize the Buck converter system performance and achieve the desired output. In addition, there is a minimization for the tracking voltage error to zero value of the Buck converter output, especially when changing a load resistance by 10%.


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